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Virtually indestructible, NextMessage™ Series 9 is designed specifically for sites whose messaging is mission critical. Engineered with multi-system in mind, Series 9 brings full redundancy and limitless scalability for your organization messaging need.

Unique Features:
  • All Standard Features: S9 comes with all NextMessage standard features: ease of use, security, and performance.
  • High Performance Form Factor: S9 platform utilizes hot-swappable multi-node compact PCI with N+1 redundancy design in 7U rack ready form factor.
  • 7x24 Redundant Hardware: S9 was designed to provide 99.999% availability, hot-swappable system node, hot-swappable redundant power supply, and fan blowers.
  • Extremely Fast Network : S9 comes with 1000 base TX ethernet switch module with total of 4 external 1000baseTX ports. Each processing node connects to ethernet switch module through separate internal gigabit port. All four external switch ports can be aggregated together to create logical 4 gigabit link.
  • SAN Ready : S9 has built-in SAN fabric switch module with two external ports, and 14 internal ports. Ready to connect to any SAN storage chassis.
  • Cluster in a box: Multi-domain cluster-ready configuration.
  • Concurrent License Option: additional IMAP concurrent license options.
  • SAN Storage Chassis Option: Optional external SAN storage chassis with 12 hot-swappable fibre channel disk, expandable to 28 Tera Byte.

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Questions & Answers for S9:
Q1: What is S9 suitable for?
S9 is suitable for any organization with high demand of message capacity and throughput.
Q2: What is S9 licensing model?
S9 license is based on how many nodes and how many concurrent IMAP licenses customer ordered. Each node can either act as independent NextMessage system or act together as NextMessage cluster to handle high demand of messaging throughput.
Q3: What is the storage type in S9?
S9 comes integrated with SAN storage support that allow easy integration to existing storage infrastructure. Customer can also order optional external SAN storage chassis that supports up to 1.7 TB and expandable up to 28 TB.
Q4: What is the suitable number of node we need to order?
It depends on the level of messaging throughput your organization want, and the major application you intended to use S9 for. Each application has different need of throughput from each other. Financial news notification e-mail gateway has different ratio of I/O throughput from ISP's multi-domain mail server. Please consult your nearest Throughwave distributor or system integrator, or e-mail us for messaging capacity planning help.


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